How do I place an international call using my mobile phone?

You place a call from a mobile phone the same way that you would call from a land line.

To get complete dialing instructions, use our search page.

Mobile Shortcuts

One shortcut with calling from your mobile phone is that you can replace the exit code with the plus (+) sign. With some phones, you dial the plus (+) sign by pushing the asterisk (*) two times.

For example, if you were calling the UK from the US, you can use either of the following:

00 + 44 + City/Area Code + Local Number

+44 + City/Area Code + Local Number

If your call will not go through, check the following:

  1. Verify that you are dialing the correct number.
  2. Verify that you have minutes available on your phone if required.
  3. Verify that you are able to make international calls from your mobile phone.

Keep in mind that international calls from your cell phone often costs more than placing an international call from a land line.

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