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Country Calling CodesCountryCallingCodes.com, first launched in 2000, is recognized by many in the industry as the original and most comprehensive international calling resource on the Internet.

The site originally began as an internal tool used by parent company, DomainIt, Inc.. Company President, Paul Goldstone, found himself frequently contacting the operator for country codes for his own use, then passing them to employees to use in contacting international clients. Realizing that there was a better solution, Goldstone created and launched the CountryCallingCodes.com website as a free online calling resource aimed at helping others quickly and easily find the country codes they needed to make their international calls. In a time when people did things online for the greater good of the Internet and not just to make money, the site quickly gained kudos and recognition from the Internet community and was frequently mentioned as a recommended resource by organizations, educational institutions, and government departments alike.

Over the years, CountryCallingCodes.com has remained true to our focus of providing country codes through our quick-and-easy search tool. The site continued to expand over the years, now providing everything from country codes, area codes, mobile country codes, iso codes, country information, time zones, and more. The site now attracts a diverse audience from around the world, offering visitors one-click access to country codes and area codes for hundreds of countries around the world.

Additionally, Country Calling Codes offers a free tool that you can use on your own website to help your visitors place their international calls.

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I work for at&t wireless customer care and well this website is great for helping customers!
~Monique, United States.

Great website. I have given it out to hundreds working in a telecom industry.
~ David, Canada.

This web site has helped me many times when calling internationally. Thanks!
~Jim Edwards, UK

I work at a call center and this site is such a helpful, efficient resource to use when calling international customers.
~Stefanie Gordon, USA

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